The Office of Child Abuse Prevention

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month!

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This is the perfect time for scheduling a check-up so your children are ready for the new school year. Learn more about children’s eye health: Site-Saving Resources for Parents, Children webpage.

The Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) administers federal grants, contracts, and state programs designed to promote best practices and innovative approaches to child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment. The OCAP serves as a statewide source of information, developing and disseminating educational material regarding prevention/early intervention programs, activities, and research. The federal grants administered by OCAP are the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA); Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP); and Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF). Visit our Interactive Timeline to learn more >>


County Spotlight | September 2017

Merced County - All Dads Matter

Ten years ago, research circulated suggesting that when a strong father figure is present in their lives, children have better outcomes. Many times we have seen children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. Instead of tossing the research in the circular file, Merced County paid attention. Continue reading >>